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Chilling w Starter

Fried Tofu 7
Served with sweet plum sauce
Golden Wonton 7
Deep fried wonton wraps with quail egg served with sweet plum sauce
Crispy pork 10
Served with sweet black sauce

Warm it up

Tom Kah Soup (choice of chicken, Tofu $6),
(Shrimp, Seafood $8)
Lemongrass with coconut milk, mushrooms, tomato, and cilantro
Po Tak Soup (Available Mix Seafood only) 32oz. $22
Mixed Seafood sour soup, mushrooms, lemongrass galangal, kaffir leaves, fresh chili, roasted chili and Thai basil



Som Tum Thai Style. 12
Green papaya, green beans, tomato, dried shrimp, and roasted peanut
Som Tum Lao Style 13
Green papaya, green bean, tomato, salted crab, Thai eggplant and
“homemade Thai anchovy sauce”


Kee Mao Special. !!!

ff Dirty Baby Pork Spareribs กระดูกหมูคลุกฝุ่น 18
(Choice more CRAZY DIRTY Available)
Deeps Fried baby Spareribs with Garlic, Smoke Chili, kaffir, lime leaves
Koua King (Mild spicy not Available). คั่วกลิ้ง 15
Ground pork or chicken Sautéed SPICY Southern dry turmeric paste with green bean, young peppers served with soft boiled egg
MaMa Pad Kee Mao. มาม่าผัดขี้เมา 15
INSTANT NOODLES* stir fires with homemade sauce
adding spice with peppercorn, Kra Chai, chili peppers and Thai basil. Choice of chicken, pork, tofu or shrimp, beef (+$4
ff Seafood Pad Cha ผัดฉ่าทะเล 22
Mix seafood (prawns, calamari, mussel, scallop) | sautéed with chili paste, onion, bell pepper, garlic, and ginger.
Andaman Salad. พล่าทะเล 20
Mix Seafood, Thai Chile paste, lemongrass, shallot, mint, cilantro
Yum Mama ยำมาม่า 15
Mama Noodle, mixed with ground pork, shrimp, calamari, tomatoes, white onions, celery in spicy line dressing
Street Dry Noodle บะหมี่แห้งลูกชิ้น 15
Steamed egg noodles, ground pork, fish ball, fish cake tossed with roasted red onions, green onions, bean spout cilantro, soft-boiled egg and pork rinds.
Grill Cuttle Fish ปลาหมึกย่าง 25
Served with special seafood sauce.

ff Crispy Pork หมูกรอบ

Served with Jasmine Rice
 Crispy Pork with Spicy Basil 18
with bell pepper, sweet basil, garlic and chili
Crispy Pork with Chinese Broccoli 18
Sautéed Smoke chili and garlic
Crispy Pork with Pad Prik Kang 18
Green bean with roasted curry paste.
Basil Century Egg & Crispy Pork Belly 18
Stir Fry White onion garlic chili

Street eat and run

f Pad KaPowww 14
Sautéed garlic, smoke chili, bell pepper and basil served with fried egg choice of ground pork, chicken, tofu or shrimp, beef (+$3)
Panang Curry 14
Rich balance of salty, sweet, coconut milk with bell pepper and kaffir lime choice of pork, chicken, tofu, or shrimp, beef (+$3)
Pad Thai. 18. (+ 4 Crispy Pork)
Pan Fried Rice noodle with chicken and shrimp, tofu, egg, ground peanuts, bean spout, and chive
Pad see EW (Low Crab Style) 14.
Pan Fried "Vermicelli noodles" with Chinese broccoli and egg in black soy sauce Choice of chicken, pork, tofu or shrimp, beef (+$3)
Thai Fried Rice 14. (+4 Crispy Pork)
Jasmine Rice tossed with egg, white onion, green onion, tomato Choice of chicken, pork, tofu or shrimp, beef(+$3)
TomyYum Fried Rice. 20
Jasmin rice, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, tomato, Tom Yum sauce with Prawns, calamari, Scallops
Bang Saen BBQ Chicken 16
Boneless chicken marinated in Thai herbs, served with sticky rice

Side Order

Jasmine Rice. 3
Garlic Rice. 4
Brussels sprouts *. 7
Sticky rice. 4


 Roti w condensed milk. 4
Choco Roti. 8
(Roti, banana, condensed milk, chocolate syrup)


Thai Tea 6
Cha-Ma-Now (Thai Tea with fresh lime) 6
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