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Cook Kee Mao

The taste of Thailand, right here.

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Cook Kee Mao

Where the flavors of Thailand come to life.

Cook Kee Mao, also known as Drunken Noodles, is one of the most popular and beloved Thai dishes in the world. It is a stir-fried noodle dish made with wide seafood, vegetables, and a spicy chili sauce. The dish is said to have gotten its name because it is often eaten by people who have been drinking, as the spiciness of the dish is thought to help sober them up.

At Cook Kee Mao Restaurant, we are passionate about bringing the authentic flavors of our customers. We use only the freshest ingredients and traditional Thai cooking techniques to create dishes that are both delicious and authentic.

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About us

You don't need to flight to Thailand, just drive over to our kitchen. We'll make you feel like you're eating at street in Bangkok because our kitchen represent famous Thai food and people mostly eat everyday.


The taste of Thailand, right here.

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